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    Default What ONE clothing company do you wish sold kids clothing?

    That already doesn't whatsoever?

    Random question I know lol

    I would have to say American Eagle
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    Ya I'd have to agree on that. I like their stuff and pretty sure my kids would too
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    American Eagle does sell kids clothing...

    77kids by american eagle
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    SydandPaige's mom beat me to it!

    I didn't know that until I started looking to buy AE online for dh, because I couldn't find his beloved favourite belt in the stores. (It was online, too....but the transaction froze my computer and no belt ever came. Anyway.)

    I remember when I was a kid, Reitmans sold kids' clothes. I shop at Reitman's a lot for me because they get that petite does not always mean thin. I would like to see them carry some kids' stuff in specialty sizing. Also it used to be the only store I could find much to wear that looked adult, but was in kids sizes - when I was pre-DS and thin and no hips, breasts, etc. I don't mean dress your kids like grownups, but like dressier clothes.
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    I LOVE their Kids clothing!! And they often have shipping deals and lots of sales. As far as I know they always have free shipping on clothing over $100 and the duty is included in the final price.
    I LOVE their kids clothing!!

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    Anthropologie... they don't sell kids' clothing already do they?
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