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Thread: advice please

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    Default advice please

    dh and I are starting to plan for next years vacation. I want to start now so we can budget to but money away in the year to come.

    We want to go away in Aug. middle or late.

    We will be driving

    We thought of Winnipeg with possible stops in ND for a few days, PEI or doing Disney again

    So anyone been to Winnipeg or PEI. I have been to ND and SD but not in a really long time.
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    Why Winnipeg? If you don t have family or friends there I can think of no reason for going, to be honest.
    What about Quebec? There is Quebec city, the Saguenay, Gaspesie...
    Lots to see...
    Or New England? Upstate NY, there is a wine region, the finger lakes, the Adirondacks
    I ve never really been so can t comment
    but I have been to Vermont and Maine and they re really nice. Without kids so don t have that perspective but IMO everywhere in America seems so kid friendly.
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    DH born and lived in Winnipeg and he would likely not go back unless he had to.

    PEI would be a good choice, whale watching, Anne of Green Gables and much more.

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    Oh, I just love the finger lakes. We go every summer (without kids).
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