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    Default Christmas crafts for a 2yr old

    Waverly have been making trees, with pipe cleaners and feathers ( I very thoughtful bday gift).
    I was just racking my brain to think of other things we can make.
    She uses glitter glue, with my assistance and stickers as well.

    Any ideas, on crafts we could do easily, maybe i could put something homemade on ppl gifts at xmas.



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    I will be making Q-Tip snowflakes with my kids this week. You need Q-tips (the cheap ones from the dollar store work just fine), white glue, sparkles if you want and wax paper.
    Dip the cotton tips in glue and start by making a star, then just add to it around the outside. Lay on wax paper to decorate and dry.

    Did that make sense? I will try to post pics if I remember when we're done. They look cool and you can hang them in a window or from the ceiling. Maybe too big too put on a gift but it might work! have fun!

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    my daughter came home with a hand print made into an animal, it is decorated with different things... your family might really like this as it will be your LO's hand print or foot print deoending on how you choose to go... the footprint became a sleigh and my daughters handprint the christmas turkey...

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    Check out this website...

    They have awesome crafts for kids. Sometimes you have to help a bit with cutting or tracing hands or feet and then some of the gluing but as for the rest (decorating) they can totally make it their own! Right now I have an angel on top of our Christmas tree that has my DD's feet for the skirt and hands for the wings and it is coloured purple with pink eyes - lol but I absolutely love it!!!

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