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    Default quick question about formatting a "report" (not essay) for school

    I'm working on a 2-3 page report, only worth 5% of my mark, wherein we're supposed to answer 5 questions. (Pretty sure she just wants us all to read some ethnographies so we can all bring in some knowledge and examples to class discussions, and the report is to make sure we've actually read it and tell us what she wants us to be looking for while reading it.)

    Anyways so obviously it's not formal. I have no experience writing "reports" (as opposed to essays) and I'm planning on doing subheadings for each of the 5 topics she wants us to cover. Is that OK? I mean I feel like I should try to tie it all in so it doesn't look like some high school report (Question 1 - bla blah blah LOL KWIM), but like I said this doesn't seem super formal and it's not an essay so I doubt I should bother. It's for a social science, if that makes a difference. I'm probably overthinking and I should have asked the prof but it's kinda due tomorrow so I guess I won't. Hahah!

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    For social sciences, do you use the MLA or the APA manuals?

    I would think, a brief intro, the subheadings, and then a quick closure should be ok. I don't think you have to tie everything together like you would in an English essay........but I've only written I think a few reports in my education, and it always depended on what the prof wanted.

    If you are only supposed to answer the questions flat out, don't bother with the intro or conclusion.

    Sorry, I couldn't be more help.

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    I agree with the headings and have an opening paragraph and a closing paragraph.. but use headings for the rest. I found this: Sample report
    its a sample report and its pretty well set out as to how to format a decent report.

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