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    Default My funny little man....

    My two and a half year old son feel the need to tell every single person he comes into contact with about every boo boo he has encountered in the past few months. "Oh no! I dot a boo boo nose. Ah! I dot boo boo feet and boo boo arm and he points as he describes. The grandparents, aunts and uncles, friends, total strangers, basically anyone who will listen. Sometimes I have to admit I do find it quite funny and other times a little embarrassing if I don't know the person. I think all he wants is to be heard and know that someone cares and get a kiss for his boo boo even if it's been long gone for weeks. Anyway I just think it's kind of funny and was wondering if anybody else's little ones do this too.
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    my 2 1/2 ds doesn't tell everyone about his boo-boo's but....he feels the need to tell complete strangers about his nieces dog who died 4 months ago! he tells them the whole story how "abby got hit by car, she died and is in heaven..." he constantly brings it up to everyone...funny, he didn't even really like the dog and his niece doesn't even talk about it anymore. i love this age...they are too smart and soooo funny!

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