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    Default Buying a house and using same agent as seller

    hi Kathy

    I have a quick question about buying a house without an agent or same agent as seller. We have our eye on one particular house and do not have an agent acting on our behalf as buyers. However, we viewed the house with the seller's agent and really liked them and would potentially like to use them to buy this house and sell our own house. Is this a bad idea? If buyer and seller have the same agent, is it a conflict of interest? Should we just get our own separate agent right now and get them to put in an offer to this house and evaluate our house for selling? So many questions....

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    It is always in your best interest to obtain your own Real Estate agent as when you have your own they work solely for your best interest.

    When purchasing a home that is listed by the agent that is selling the home you will not be given information or advice on price, you will simply be given the comparable properties that are up for sale or that have recently sold and you will need to determine the offering price as well as countering prices. Depending on what type of agreement they put you into will depend on what type of information they can give the seller.

    I have an article on my website that discusses the advantage of using your own agent in detail.

    If you have any further questions, please feel free to PM me.

    **not intended to solicit client already under contract with another agent**
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