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    Default Moms of busy girls?

    Does anyone have a daughter who is busy busy? My six year old is a sweet, bright and very busy outgoing little girl. I'm finding that some of her playmates at school are getting overwhelmed with her busyness and it's hard for her to play well with them because she "opperates at a different speed" lol.

    I'd love to find her a playmate with similar interests and activity level... we're new to London and she'd missing her "old friends."

    Is there anyone in a similar situation that would like to meet for a playdate?

    I also have a 4 year old in jk who is busy but not quite like her sister.


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    Default busy

    I have a very busy 6 year old also. She is very outgoing and has a great imagination. She loves playing with her Bratz and not really into dolls. Let me know if you want to get the girls together. I don't have any younger children.

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    I have a 6 yr old boy that is quite laid back, but my 4 yr old DD is wild. Very busy! lol. She's taking her 2 yr old sister down the same road... We are new to London also so I understand them missing their friends.

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