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    Post Won`t sleep alone!

    I just recently moved, and my youngest will not sleep alone. When I put her to bed (asleep) the minute I turn and leave she wakes up almost instantly! Or she`ll be fine for a couple of hours but the minute she knows that I`m not there she cries she hard she starts to hyperventilate! A that sort of scares me a bit. The only way to calm her down is to lay her on my bed and lay beside her, and she driftes back off to sleep. But the minute she knows she might be going back to her room it starts all over again. A part of me thnks it is because it is a new hose and her bedroom is unfamiliar. But it`s almost been a month now. And I don`t get the best sleep either, because I constanly waking up to makes sure she isn`t going to fall off the bed. And I know that I am probably forming a bad habit! But it is the only way the both of us can get to sleep.

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    My son started the same thing about 6 months ago. He screams "Don't leave me alone". This was totally new. He had been fine to go to sleep on his own before this. He used to just turn over and go to sleep. Then all of a sudden this started. I don't know what made it change. I thought it was because of his new sitters...he shares a room for nap time. Or maybe just because of the new sitter. I don't know for certain. I sit with him in his room until he falls asleep. (This is an improvement over lying beside him in his bed.) Then he wakes up in the night, comes to our room and crawls into bed with us. If I move him back to his bed at this point, he never gets deeply asleep afterwards, and is back in our bed in minutes. So I have given up and once he comes to our bed, usually 2 - 3 am, he stays until morning. Note: if it is just the two of us in bed, I put a pillow on the other side of him, he's in the middle, so it is harder for him to fall out of bed. I don't really have any other suggestions for you but hopefully it is just a phase. I hope for my sake it is too!!
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