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    Classified Listing LM Group Rate: Vinyl Wall Art - A Growth Chart for your home.

    Dear London Moms!
    I am pleased to offer an exclusive group rate on the Stampin’ Up Décor Elements Growth Chart. This is made of a vinyl wall adhesive and is a great addition to any growing household. Record all of your children’s height milestones on this chic wall chart. The measurements go up over 6 feet tall. It comes with a free applicator as well (Value $2.95). There is a close up of this wall adhesive here. Please note that it comes in a few pieces.

    Regular price of this item: $45.93 ($36.95 plus shipping, plus taxes)
    LondonMoms Group Rates:
    1-5 purchases: $42.00
    6-15 purchases: $40.00
    15-30 purchases: $38.00
    31+ purchases: $34.00

    Payment information: I take cash, cheque, email money transfers, Visa and MasterCard.
    Delivery information: I will order everything on August 31st and it will arrive in London on September 9th. Everything can be picked up at my house (east London) or at my booth at the Western Fair (September 10-20th) in the Canada Building. I can also arrange for delivery once the Fair is finished.

    Alesha Walls
    Stampin' Up Demo
    Inspirational Craft Blog:
    Online Store & Event Calendar:
    Feel free to order online at any time - it will ship right to your door.
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    *bump* wasn't someone just looking for one of these?

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