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    Default Thomas the Train clothes

    I know it's been asked her quite often so wanted to give a lead on a cute Thomas outfit.

    Liquidation World has a super cute 3 piece jogging sets. Red pants (not a tight band bottom or tappered) almost a cargo style but jogging pants, long sleeve t-shirt with Thomas on it (sorry didn't really look at the shirt) and zippered sweatshirt (sorry can't remember if it's a hoodie) with a Thomas logo embroidered on the left side and a big Thomas logo embroidered on teh back. It was super nice.

    The best part...the price. The tag from the original store was $42 I believe...Liquidation World price $15!!!!!!!

    I was in the Ingersoll store but DH said the London store at Highbury and Oxford had them on Wednesday when he worked there. THey had sizes 2, 3 and 4.

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    After posting that i was looking for thomas clothes and pretty much gave up, we just so happened to stumble upon that rack of a 3 piece thomas outfit.... I picked mine up about a week ago at the highbury/oxford location.....

    I also wanted to post that the day out with thomas tour has a website that you can purchase thomas items off of and they ship to Canada. Right now they have a shipping deal where canadians get $10 off shipping (if your order is over $65) Dont know how long it is on for but you just type in holidayship in the special code box to get it. So i only paid 2.59 for shipping....(there are other characters as well such as bob the builder, Barney)
    It is
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