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    Default Today I would like to discuss clothes and why sizes are shrinking

    I was out last night with my older DD's doing a little back to school shopping, we went into blue notes because they had good prices on t-shirts. I am can't believe how tiny the clothes were, I was disgusted there is going to be a whole generation of kids with eating disorders because they can't fit into the clothes some of their tinier peers can. My oldest is 12 she is tall like I was when I was younger so she needs to shop in adult sections or the clothes look rediculous on her, she is not over weight in any way and is quite slim, we had to get her a medium sweater because a small was to small. My worry is she is only 12 she is already in a med what is she going to be when she is 16 is she going to have to shop in the jr plus sizes? This is rediculious. I am so disgusted with stores. I am so sad for her. I remember not being able to wear the girls clothes when I was younger because I was to tall, I always shopped in the mens section. I thought sizing was getting better but it seems to be getting worse. Also my 10 Yr old fit into a small t-shirt. What is wrong with the world? Vent over

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    I agree it is rediculous.

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    yep it is insane. My DD started wearing clothes from Garage at 12. She was a 00 forabout a year and now she is a 3-5 and is all panicky. Seriously she looks great but she has friends who brag about being a 00 still. Like that is an accomplishment or something :S

    M has realized that she looks best in clothes that fit no matter what the size is. that is the message I'm trying to get across to my kids

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    I think stores like sears, zellers, etc...are better for sizes then ones like suzy shear (sp?) etc...

    i know sears goes up to like a 16.

    its crazy though how small you have to be to fit into some of these stores...the cool stores.
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    I know sometimes when I try on an XL shirt and it fits, I do can it be that I'm an XL? I always took Medium to mean 'Average' basically. Can it truly be that I am one of the biggest people out there? I don't think so. I mean sure, I'm 150ish pounds, and only 4'11“ but seriously...
    I think about 80% of the people I see are the same size or bigger than me. When did Medium become preteen?

    I remember before ds, I was 22, and I wore a girls' size 12 or 14. Shopped Zellers, Sears, etc and Le Chateau because everywhere else was too darn big. Bluenotes for jeans, but, had to alter them by hand myself or they'd fall off of me.
    I bet I could have shopped anywhere because clothes are tiny!!

    DD is wearing a skirt that's sized as a 6. Wah?! She's three.
    Most of her dresses are 5's simply so you can't see her bum. Still look short to me.

    Yeah.I wonder what the stores are going to do to kids' images of themselves. Like if they only stock shortyshort stuff, will kids wear it simply because they feel they have to? Will they worry if they're a L and think that's bad? Will they go along with the tides of fashion or say y'know...this stuff sucks. Let's go to value village.
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    Yep, I agree. Sizing is crazy. I was also one of those kids who was tall and couldn't wear the “cute“ clothes that my friends did It was really upsetting.

    DD is 3 and most of her clothes are a 4, with a few 5s and even 6s thrown in, depending on the name brand. Today she was wearing a Tommy shorts/tank set in a 5 and they fit her perfectly. She is a skinny minny too.....I can't imagine what size she will be in when she IS 5
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