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    Default What did you do to ease the transition to daycare full time from being with you ..

    Did your daycare centre allow you to bring your child a few times before the big full day? If so please provide the name of the child care centre. Thanks

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    i would assume that all daycares would allow you to transition the child into the centre....

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    AS a child care provider, we encourage parents to do that.....

    We do have some parents that just drop their child off the first day they start....its easier on everyone

    I know the director at my cewntre also tells parents to bring hteri child in for visits!

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    Yes, we didn't go to full time care and started at two mornings a week, but we visited at least three times before the 'first day', then she went to four mornings in the toddler room, so we did some extra visiting on her off days to get used to the idea. The centre encouraged it and said we were welcome anytime. One day they had enough numbers, so they suggested I go to the office to finish the paperwork and leave her for a few minutes just to see how she reacted, it was helpful to me especially

    Any centre that isn't encouraging you to do visits ahead of time and doesn't have an open door policy in terms of stopping by, you don't wan to work with them!

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