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    I am quite interested in joining a homeschooling support group or co-op. My oldest will be 6 in September and my second will be 4. Are these common ages in the group? I ask because I visited the KLC website and saw that the activities listed with ages began at age 7.

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    Hi MomInJuly08,

    I'm a member of KLC and can tell you that there are activities for all ages, although it really depends on what the parents involved step up to organize. The nice thing about it is that if you don't see anything being planned that is of interest to your child's age or stage, you can plan something yourself (and there's lots of support if you aren't sure how to go about doing that). There are certainly lots of current members with kids in the 4-6 age group.

    As long as you have a child who is 5 by the end of December of the year you join, you are eligible. Registration is closed for this school year, but will open up again in the summer. PM me with your contact details, if you'd like, and I will pass them along to the registrar so she can let you know when registration opens up.


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