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You're not even up to the funnest age yet. There are positive and negative aspects of nursing at every age and REALLY something special about a newborn because despite all the worry and trouble, it does feel like falling in love, but the funnest age to breastfeed, imo, is 6 mths to a year. The are so sweet, smiling up at you with milk smiles and using their newly discovered hand co-ordination to pat your breast and cuddling into you without holding anything back. You are their all, and as overwhelming as it is, its also so very endearing too. Ah! this I envy you. Mine are all running off traveling the world or bonding with their friends. All I have is the memory of that time and the subtle reminder now and again in their look or gesture that they were once that baby. Its a good thing thats enough!
Aw. That made me teary too.

And I agree. I so remember the milk smiles and the laughter and the patting of my breasts like they were so endearing to her. I also remember laughing at some of her antics... some of the *funniest* stories I have are nursing stories. I mean, drop dead hilarious.

And what I remember most was how yes, nursing was dd's everything -- from easing her pain to helping her sleep to recharging her batteries ... Nursing was likely the best mothering tool I had in my toolbox.

I SO commend you, Kaisa, for keeping going through the hardships. It's worth it, but I think you're already discovering this. Kudos and hugs to you.