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    Default Wanting to go from apartment living to house living

    I can't figure out how to find out my mortgage payments so I can see what is in my price limit. How much of a monthly payment would it be to buy a $230,000 dollar house?
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    Your monthly payment will depend on a number of factors, such as the size of your down payment, your interest rate (fixed or variable), amortization period (typically 20 or 25 years) and number of times you pay or mortgage a month.

    I have a Mortgage Qualification Calculator on my website( ), which will let you experiment with a variety of scenarios. So click the link and use it to estimate what you can afford.

    After that you should talk to your financial instituation or mortgage broker and get a prequalification from them. If you do not have a preferred financial instituation feel free to PM me and I can recommend some contacts.
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