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    Default Best covers for pre-folds and fitted diapers?

    The standard diaper cover seems to be the Bummis Super Whisper Wrap - would you agree with that assessment? And if not, why not?

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    The BSWW does seem to be standard, but that doesn't necessarily say anything about it.

    I think everyone's opinions of the best covers are always going to vary because they don't all fit all kids, KWIM? My DD is really skinny, and at 19 months, the size medium BSWWs are *finally* fitting her, and I am pretty happy with them.I can't see the larges ever fitting her... ever! They're certainly not for string beans. That's not to say that I don't like them - I really do like them - they just haven't fit my DD until very recently. I really like the Motherease Airflow covers myself, and I don't think they are exclusive to skinny babies, although the chubbier babies would probably grow out of them faster. MEAFs aren't the cutest covers out there, but they do have some cute prints. I think the ME factory in St Catherine's has seconds that you can buy if you call ahead to see if they have the size and style you're looking for.

    Anyways, I think your best bet may be to buy one or two of this and that, to see what fits and what doesn't, and what you like and what you don't, before investing fully in any one diaper cover. A cover can be a great design and great quality, but it's useless if it doesn't fit. It doesn't hurt to ask on the Yahoo group and check out Diaperswappers to see if there are any second hand that you can try one or two of at a low risk (as long as you get them in good condition; otherwise this may colour your opinions on them).

    Anywho, enough rambling for me! Good luck!

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    I used BSWWs until I discovered them much better! They are thinner but don't leak, have gussets, and have super cute colors. I've gotten some on diaperswappers and some from Baby Hope's Diapers (she had free shipping at the time). Hope this helps!
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    Thanks! I'm off to check out Diaperswappers.

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    Bummis work well - but as mambear said, not on skinnier thighs. This was only an issue when my little monkey was real little and had the chicken legs, she now has thunder thighs and they fit well.

    Motherease airflow are a great option too. For really huge thighs they can dig in a little, but they do fit a huge range of thighs becauase they snap at the side so the thigh and waist adjust seperately.

    If you're thinking prefolds, definitely Wiggle Worm Bottoms. She does them all custom with an inner layre of fleece/sudecloth that touches baby, PUL hidden and a print outer. You choose the closure type. I find that the mediums were too narrow for a lot of different fitteds, but they work well for prefolds. The mediums were a real nice trim fit for an infant prefold trifolded inside. If you happen to be interested, s ubscribe to her Yahoo group as she has only been opening customs for short periods of time and sends out details to the list. They're a pretty good price too.

    I have a couple of one-size WonderWraps and quite like them. No leaks and fairly gently against baby. I didn't get it when she was tiny, so couldnt' vouch for the fit on a really little baby.

    Oh, one note about anythign with an aplix closure, you want laundry tabs Didn't think this would be a big deal until I had a load of laundry and all the aplix sticking to each other! Motherease Rikki wraps have gussets and are a nice fit but no laundry tabs! The prowraps I had were a pretty good fit, also with gussets, but again they didn't have laundry tabs.

    Definitely try a couple out to see might work best for you and baby! Some people don't like snaps, others don't like aplix, some fit better than others on the individual baby

    Good luck!

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