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    Default University Apps...

    So I've decided that I need to go back. I feel empty and like my brain is turning to's only been less than 2 months.

    I'm going to apply to University, but the application date for the fall has already passed...has anyone ever applied late and been accepted for the fall? Would my best bet just be to work and attend in the winter? Will the let me take some courses starting in the fall and then use those towards the program if I can't start til winter semester? Can part time students apply late and get accepted for fall?

    The University application process is proving to be more complicated than I thought.

    If I called/emailed a University do you think they would meet with me to discuss this in person?

    Sorry for so many questions.

    Jake &Tate

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    call for sure, they'll tell you what to do and whether or not you can still get in this late

    i applied late, as a transfer student, cant remember how late but it was pretty late, possibly around now, and got in for the fall. but this was at western and i know you'd be elsewhere so idk, def. call though
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    Do you qualify as a mature student? Universities are a lot more lax on the rules with mature students. You can still get in for September.

    Call up the department of student services at the university you're thinking of applying to and ask what to do.

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