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    Default good idea to move to a home with a septic tank and well with little baby??

    Hi there Kathy,

    was wondering what your take is on a home with well water and septic tank? was thinking of living in the country some time in the near future as i want to get away from the city life. and it seems this is what most homes out of town run off of if you are far away from city lines. i have a little baby and am not sure if living off of well water is the best option as to just moving to a newer home? i know that people time after time have been living off of well water and septic, but for me going from city water and sewer to well water seems hard, i just cant stop thinking of the idea: what if the septic tank leaked or what if there is gross bacteria in the water that i dont know about (yet-until someone gets sick or something), or what if the well goes dry because i took too long of a shower lol.

    what is your experience with well water and septic tank homes?? and would you recommend this for a family with young children?

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    My experience with well water and septic tank homes is that are a common part of country living. People that buy homes with them are just as excited about their new home as people who buy homes connected to city water.

    I'm not a water expert, but there must be regulations about where you can place a septic tank so that it does not contaminate a water supply.

    Likewise some well water is drinkable while other well water is not. If a well is rated as drinkable then you should have no more concerns about it than drinking city water.

    I have a friend who works for the provincial government as a water quality inspector. He informs me that because of Walkerton the government has invested a lot of money in monitoring water quality and this includes many private wells. So it should be having your well tested on a regular basis.

    Ultimately however if well water is of a concern to you, but you love country living you can always use bottled water, the big water cooler types!

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