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    Default One sided nursing...

    My daughter has an opinion on what side she want to nurse from. She is 21 months old and only want the right. I have tried to move her half way, lay on my tummy and offer her the left breast, just refuse to give her the right until she has has the left. I'm a bit lop-sided!!

    Is is ok for her to only nurse from one side, and I wean her from the left?

    Any suggestions? Comments?
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    Welcome to my world. DD has been preferring the left side since birth, and I've been preferring it b/c that's the side I hold her on. By now, she nurses on the right about half as much as the left. My left "nursie" is about twice as big as the right. Ugh. But to be honest, I don't really care. When she weans, they'll both deflate, and that'll be that.

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    I think most babies have a preference. I would just go with it... I don't get lop-sided though!

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    Particularly at this point in nursing I don't think her nursing on one side is an issue - other than making for a bit of a lopsided torso I would keep offering her the left but not worry if she doesn't take it. She will probably want it even less so as the milk supply in that breast will be reduced significantly from her not nursing. She will make up for what she needs/wants on the right and it shouldn't be an issue.
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    Aden has a right side preference. When he has been nursing on that side a lot I will tell him it is tired and sleeping. Then he will take the other one.
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    Mia has always chose my left side. I tried to wean complety off my right but the milk just kept coming!! LOL so I just squeeze off my right side every now and then and try to urge her on to it if its really full!

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    I nursed for a year and my daughter would only nurse from the right. I was lop sided until I stopped nursing. Things are back to normal now... so much so that I forgot about this until I read your post.

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