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    Question Cloth diapers...

    SO I know I have asked before but I want to do a couple of washes just with baking soda and vinergar but I've forgotten what your suppose to do. Someone enlighten me!

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    If I'm adding baking soda and vinegar in my wash, the baking soda goes in the beginning (first rinse/prewash) and the vinegar goes in the rinse after washing. So, I'd do a prewash with baking soda, hot wash with soap, rinse with vinegar, rinse with just water.

    Not sure if that is what you're asking or not So many different things!

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    When I wash with just bs and vinegar I use 1/4 cup bs in the wash, and then I either put vinegar in a Downy ball or I put it in my washer's fabric softener dispenser. I know some people add a few drops of TTO, but I'm terrified of buildup, so I don't, and haven't had a problem with that.

    I was using Borax for awhile but I recently ran out, so this is what I've been using lately.

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