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    Default if you have an autistic child now, how was your LO as a baby? behavioral signs?

    if you have an autistic child now, how were their behaviours as babies?? when did you start noticing something was off? or looking back in videos or pictures, can you see anything that you can notice now as a sign, but not back then???

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    It was at his first birthday that I started to get a “sick“ feeling in my stomach, it took until he was 27 months for the pieces to come together and get his referral.

    At his first birthday we bought the twins a ride on car. DS would constantly flip the cars to spin the wheels. He would not ride on it properly, he would only turn it upside down and spin the wheels. I started to notice his fascination with fans and anything that spun. I have videos where he played with a blue ring for hours. This would not be alarming but it was accompanied by the fact that he could not say “mama, dada“, that he made very little eye contact with anyone that was not me, DH or my mom.

    He would seem to be “distant“ and not engage the same way that DD did. He would not “play“ with other kids and always wanted to use toys “inappropriately“. Then we began to have severe sleep and eating issues and frequent intense meltdowns that would last for hours. All of this happened over the course of a year and we put it all together we knew he needed to be assessed.

    I think we would have realized earlier if he had been more disconnected, but he often had weeks where he would be attentive and it would only be a few days a month that we would see a real disconnect.

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    Do you have concerns SafariMom? How old is your LO?

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    Hmm, it was over years for us... Things like:
    - disliked being held or hugged or snuggled for more than a few seconds
    - atypical memorization of odd things - like 60 pg books memorized verbatim at age of 2 or knowing 80-odd countries on her map placemat at the age of 2, etc
    - very orally stimulated - ate sand, wood, snow, rocks, books, etc -- from babyhood - 6 hrs
    - sensory issues - no water on head, no warm or hot foods, no spice, wore hot clothes even in hot weather, disliked labels on clothes, etc. This has been since about 18-24 months, but the water/head one since infancy.
    - some pronunciation difficulties which are still present at almost-7. Started early, maybe around 3.5 we noticed it.
    - trouble holding eye contact - first noticed around 2/3.
    -low muscle tone - noticed 3 or 3.5.

    That was most of the early stuff, I think.
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    Just posting to remind me to come back and answer this when I have time!

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    For us, it was like this:

    DS didn't point to objects.
    Speech delay: pragmatic, expressive and receptive. Started to use words and then lost them, slowly regained use of language over time, but it was mostly rote memory, not use of language for the purpose of communication.
    Repeated questions I would ask him verbatim and repeated lines from movies.
    Lack of eye contact, didn't snuggle until he turned three.
    Hypo-sensitivity to stimuli.
    Lack of imaginative play.
    Obsession with rifling through things.
    Problems with transitions.
    Self harm when melting down, i.e., biting self when he didn't want to put on his coat.
    Couldn't follow two-step commands.
    No sense of danger.

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