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    Default toilette training ideas

    The thing that worked for my son was giving him rocket rides every time he used the toilette (one for #1 and two for #2). He loved it because he loves rockets, but also because he could “fly“ over everyone as they cheered for him for going to the bathroom. Mind you I almost broke my back over it, lol.

    While at home, I also just put him in underwear instead of pull ups. (Perfect opportunity for you guys, since he is at home with Dad). Yeah he will wet his pants, and you will have to clean up after him, but it won't last forever and he won't like the feeling. THus hopefully moving onto the toilette.

    Re: #2 - seems to come second for all kids. We use one of those kid toilette seats (that go right on the big toilette),.....the one we have has handles on the sides (cause I think when they first try it, its kind of scary to sit up there and they want something to hold onto). We got ours at Walmart for around $11

    There is also a book called “Everyone Poops“........I've never read it, but some people use it to read to their children. I think maybe I'll get it actually, my son will probably have a riot reading it.

    Also, one of my friends sat her kids on the toilette and read to them. This worked for her. But maybe it creates a bathroom reader? lol

    Good luck!!!!!!!!!!

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    Only one suggestion from me. Get rid of the pullups during the day and he will train faster. Pullups I have found work against you as they will wait for them. I start with a few naked days so they get the idea and then on to underwear and pullups for night or going out. Eventually only night until they are fully trained. It's worked for us so far.
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    I was in a similiar boat with DD, I had tried to train her 3 or 4 times before with no success, I finally decided a few months before she turned 4 that I had to get serious (DS was due shortly too). I dedicated a week to training her and kept her naked and it finally worked, she trained quite quickly, I do think poo took a bit longer but I think that's common. With both DDs I bought a bunch of little dollar store toys and wrapped them up so that they got one everytime they went on the potty.
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    Default It will eventually all work out in the end

    I know how frustrating this can be. I have two daughters and am onto round two of potty training.
    Things that have worked for my daughters have been:
    - choosing their own potty seats (at Wal- Mart- I'm not made of $)
    - my daughter likes stickers to stick on the wipe container
    - watching my daughter for signs that she has to go
    - setting the timer for 20-30 minutes and going to sit when it rings

    Have you let your son know that the other kids will be using the toilet? All the stuff I've read has said that kids will do it in their own time.

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    Good luck, I'm sure everything will work out.

    There was a boy in Georgia's JK class (a young'un too ) who wore pullups through the year. No one told me, I noticed it one day.

    Georgia was trained in time, but she had a few pee accidents through the year. I had a lot of spare clothes for her, but it was still frustrating. She would never poop at school, and I've heard a lot of kids don't, so that may not be an issue.
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