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    Default Sewing HighChair Covers.....

    Does anyone know of where I can find a pattern, or can anyone tell me how I can make a Highchair Cover?

    Emilie will only sleep in her highchair..It reclines back and this is her 1hr nappy place...I HATE the plastic cover thats on it she sweats too much & your not supposed to wash it (But I do) and its cracking in a few places

    Any ideas how I can make a cover?

    Thanks in advance
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    Not sure where you can get a pattern - we ended up recovering ours as the plastic was cracking however I just used the old seat cover as a pattern by spreading it out. In fact we just put the new cover over the old due to all the snaps that were on the back to connect it to the chair.

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    My neighbor does custom covers for car seats, strollers, etc. If you want one made for you, I can ask her if she does highchairs.
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    I would make a cover like a showercap. Trace out the general shape of the highchair cover, add an inch or so all around, make a wide hem and feed elastic in to it.
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