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    Default I hate packing !!!

    I hate packing to move, I just hate moving. I feel like a "gypsie"!!! DH has been transferred so much its insane. But London looks final to us so hopefully no more moving after this (okay until we finally buy a house). We move in a week and I have sooooo much to do, our 5 year anniversary is on the weekend we move as well, what a way to celebrate, "here have a box of the unknown and unpack it " LOL. Oh well what can I do. Oh ya get of the computer and pack. LOL. Just wanted to vent. Thanks.

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    Well, congrats on the anniversary and on moving. Where abouts in London did you move? Where are you moving from?? Make sure that you take time for each other during your move, it can be stressful (at least it was for us and we only moved 3 months ago)

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    Moving sucks Sara - I hear ya - and we've only moved once. I imagine it's especially difficult with a toddler underfoot.
    It will all be over soon!!
    Make sure you PM me or message me on FB when you get settled so we can get together so the boys can play and we can chit chat.
    Good luck and Happy Anniversary!!!

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