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    Default Parenting Books

    DS (3 in august) is getting a bit spirited, testing his limits, the normal toddler stuff...

    So I was looking on Amazon for some parenting books- specifically boys. A lot of the ones I looked at have a christian approach and are aimed at adolescents.
    Anyone have any recommendations?

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    I'm reading a couple at the moment (I'm VERY slow at reading books!!)
    Raising Your Spirited Child has been very good so far. I agree with what others said, it clearly jumps out if it speaks about your child or not at the beginning

    I'm liking “Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves“ (I think that is right, not in front of me!) It is definitely a different way of thinking. I like it. I'm not there yet It is very much more about respecting our children and avoiding the whole power struggle setup we tend to create - I think this plays well into dealing with spirited children (my 3 year old is definitely the category!)

    Also, haven't got as far in to it, but “How to talk so your children will listen and listen so your children will talk“ (again, ad-libbing titles!) it has a similar approach to the previous one, but probably a bit more 'main stream' I can see some people objecting to the previous book

    I like these ones as they aren't about 3 year old girls, for example, but about entire approaches to parenting and how children grow, develop and also personalities. I'm not a huge fan of the ones that are so specific about dealing with two year old boys,etc.

    What kind of stuff are you looking for? What is your approach and style in parenting? I think if nothing else, the ones above are very interesting as there are definitely different views than a lot of the standard stuff you get in 'discipline' articles in the usual parenting magazines...

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