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    Quote Originally Posted by CatV View Post
    Some days are good...other days a nightmare!! He is the same with eating...I can cook his favourites but when it comes to dinner time and time to sit down all I heoar is “I don't like supper!! I don't like that!!“ He seems to dislike everything right now...even DH and I at times! If DH takes him up to bed he screams for me and says he doesn't like daddy. If we try and get him ready to go out,'s the same...always a struggle.
    We are blaming the terrible 3's....and also some sibling jealousy. He can't keep his hands off of DS2...always wants to touch his head and squeeze him...sweet...but it often gets too rough.
    Thanks for your post....I know I'm not alone!!! Hopefully this stage is over soon!!!!
    Ya I didn't include the I don't like daddy/mommy/Shaelyn, I don't like those underwears, I can't carry this ball its too heavy, I can't walk anymore my legs are broken, the list goes on and on. Does sound like we are living in the same house. I don't know why they call them terrible twos, three is way worse!

    Quote Originally Posted by Ellen View Post
    DD asks for french fries everyday. It's very annoying. We have been doing the same thing. We put her dinner back in the fridge if she doesn't eat it and offer it again if she's hungry or she eats it for lunch the next day. At daycare she usually eats pretty good. This morning she actually ate strawberries and yogurt, but I had to spoon it into her mouth like she was 6 months old, lol. I feel for you, I hope this stage passes quickly!
    Ds probably asks for mcdonalds or timbits everyday. Or he's not hungry but if he saw a cookie or cheesies or something he would suddenly be starving. I'm not about denying him these things but you have to eat something healthy first. You can't have icecream for breakfast!

    Glad to hear that I am in the same boat with other parents and my kid is not a brat, but just a regular 3 yo

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    I found that when DS gets home in the afternoon from daycare, hes STARVING.. and if I dont have dinner ready within the hour, he cant handle it and wants to snack like crazy.. which means a later dinner would not be eaten...
    So, I find myself scrambling to get dinner cooked as soon as I walk in the door from picking him up.. I agree with PPs.... feed them supper when they are really hungry and its a better bet they will eat it all up...
    My pediatrician said that what goes in their mouth is about the ONLY thing they know they can control at that age.. at a time when they are pushing boudaries and testing limits... which totally makes sense but def. is SUPER annoying as a parent...

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    This SO sounds like my dd2 ((((((hugs))))))

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