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    Default Help with sleep issues please

    My husband and I went away for 10 days last month. Georgia spent the time with her Grandparents in Sudbury. She missed us terribly, but they did lots of fun thigns to entertain and distract her. Since we got back, she seems to have abandonment issues. Dropping her at daycare is challenging and now she wakes up 4 or 5 times to check on us and insists on sleeping in our bed. We have a two storey house with a finished basement where the TV is. Usually after she goes to sleep, we watch TV in the basement. She is scared of us being down there now, even though she watches TV there and we have explained how the monitor works.

    We are tired and cranky and not sure how to handle this latest stage. It is very hard to keep our cool at 3am, especially after 3 weeks of very interrupted sleep.

    I would appreciate any suggestions or thoughts you guys might have.


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    Yikes!! My solution always seems to involve finding time to spend some good hard quality one-on-one time. Let her talk to you about her fears, let her know they are valid. At some point you may have to put your foot down and say, Lights are OUT, you are in your BED, we are not coming in your room until it's time to get UP. And then lock her door. That's what I'd do.

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    We've had some sleep issues with our DS (3) since I've gone back to work. The only thing that has worked for us is when he gets out of bed we pick him up, put him back in bed while saying "It's bedtime. I'll see you in the morning. Good night." Some nights we have to do this 20 times and others only 1 or 2. But it definitely works better than all the talking that we used to do.
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    maybe try bringing her mattress or a sleeping bag to your room so when she comes in the middle of the night she can just see you and crawl into bed... then slowly start moving it out once she relizes you are there everynight!! good luck!

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    Laura, my experience is limited to my 15 month old, so this may not work for you, but Shannon was getting up constantly in the middle of the night for no reason (after sleeping through the night for the better part of a year). After about 2.5wks of no sleep I read a few books and then ended up sacrificing a couple of nights where I knew I wasn't going to get any sleep to try a few things (hoping that it would payoff in the longterm).

    I've provided my daughter with a nighlight (at her age it's a fisherprice aquarium) that she can turn on/off by herself, and then when she got up in the middle of the night I went in, calmed her down by quietly saying "Shhh... Night night.... shhhh..." over and over again and then over and over again (refusing to say anythng else), and rubbing her back until she fell sleep. The point is, I didn't leave her room until she fell sleep, and whenever she woke up I came into her room and stayed with her until she fell back to sleep. The first two nights took about 2hrs each time (which SUCKED), and the 3rd night I was able to just sit in a chair in her room and it was enough for her to know that I was there... then she started sleeping through the night again. We've had one more night since then when she woke up and I went in and said "Shh... night night" and stayed for 5 min and she fell back to sleep immediately.

    So, maybe consider sacrificing a few nights (as much as it'll be brutal) to stay with her whenever she's awake and having trouble and eventually she'll start to feel more settled and will stop waking up? The other thing is to maybe give her her own light that she can turn on and off by her bed (like a touchlamp or something).

    I may be way off here as I don't have a 4 year old.... but at the 3wk of no sleeping point, it may be one more thing to try.

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    Ugh, I totally understand sleep issues! My daughter did something similar when my son was born. She went from going to sleep easily and on her own, to needing someone in her room every night. SHe was also up a bunch of times and started waking much earlier than normal. Then, to top it off, we moved from Montreal to London. We're still dealing with sleep issues, but I've found that talking to her during the day and trying to deal with the increased neediness then helps a bit at night. Also, being stern (but not angry) during the night and insisting that night time is for sleeping seemed to help too. But then again, since we're still dealing with this, I might not be the one to answer. LOL!
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