I want to do an online auction i will making a basket of Avon stuff worth $50 also will be doing a few other baskets. and wondering if anyone can donate stuff. you can pm me. I will be doing it the weekend of May 14-16 on here and Facebook. I will be taking donations up until May 12

Please help

Here is a little background. I have had Diabetes for 18 years. I was diagnosed at the age of 5 and spent 10 days in hospital. Logan has been tested and they cannot tell if he has the gene yet but there is a 50% chance he does and I am hoping that if he does get diabetes that there will be a cure by then and i want to be one to help make that happen. I know that there are many more diseases that are harder to live with but this one has affected my life so much. so if anyone want to donate items for the online auction or just make a small donation for the walk you can pm me or donate online

JDRF Canada - DonorDrive

Thanks again