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    Default Okay my Smart and Knowledgable London Moms. Let me pick your brains

    Brooklyn is going to see the infectious disease specialist.

    I have little faith in the medical community because we have been trying since Brooklyn was 2 years old to figure out why she gets these fevers every 4-6 weeks.

    This past month has been really hard on her and it is starting to effect her quality of life.

    So because I finally have the ears of a specialist, I need some advice about what kind of questions I need to ask him.

    I will be bringing in the log I have kept for the last month and her history of fevers starting 6 years ago.

    This is our timeline for March.

    I'll give you a timeline.

    March 1, urine shows white blood cells, precribed anitibiotics for 7 days

    March 11 fever and sore neck, lymp nodes are really swollen, they precrbied 14 days of clindamyacin. and Ultrasound her neck. Only swollen lymp nodes show up. No fluid ect. They sent her urine to be cultured.

    March 23 Brooklyn starts getting a fever again, no swollen lymp nodes, All weekend of piggybacking tylenol/motrin.

    March 26 blood work shows elevated crp. Urine cultures from March 1st show that there was not uti.
    They re checked her urine and no white blood cells. Her blood also showed up great except for the elevated levels or C reactive protein.

    So that is where we are. Brookyn still gets the fevers every 4-6 weeks and misses 2-3 days of school.

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    No answers just ((hugs)) and hoping that you guys get some answers

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