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    Default Hypothyroidism

    I have recently been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. Is this something that can be managed homeopathically? If so, do you have examples of the kinds of things that can be done to manage it?
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    Hypothyroid issues are on the rise, infact many women are hypo and aren't even aware of it. I deal with thyroid issues alot in my practice because of the number of women i see with weight loss issues, low energy, hormonal imbalance, anxiety/depression..etc. Everyone's situation is different depending on severity but yes you can take the natural route mainly through diet (which in and of itself can have great results) and some supplementation to boost the thyroid as well as addressing the body, mind, spirit connection. Thyroid issues can be linked to creativity and the inability to express it in life, blocked throat chakra, feeling stuck in life, and even fear of the future. Chakra clearing, meditation, and some lifestyle recommendations would also be part of a “treatment“ plan. You are one of many unfortunately, hypothyroidism stems from hormone imbalance and and exhausted adrenal gland which most women are experiencing today due to our diets and lifestyle. Correcting this can impact your health (body mind and spirit) on the whole. Hope that helps.
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