Hi. Sorry if this isn't the best place to post this, but thought one of you moms might be interested. I made a big goof when I ordered a 3 Baybee T&T fitted diapers - I must have wound up clicking small insteaad of large!!

Instead of sending them back, I'd love if I could sell them locally. They are seconds of a line she is discontinuing, so were a great price compared to usual and they are soooo absorbent and nice and trim and just lovely diapers that I went out on a limp and bought two and just about cried when I received them and they were the wrong size.

Anyways, details are here: http://www.baybee.ca/merchant/mercha...y_Code=SECONDS
I would like to get $14.50 each for them (what I paid), which is a savings of the $8.50 of shipping and the tax.

The are usually over $20 for the new ones. I only have used ones to date and they are the best diapers I own!

(Size small is 8 to 16 lbs, 11.5 to 14" rise, 12 - 18" waist, 6 - 9 " thigh)

If they are of interest, please PM or email me!!