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    Lightbulb Evening Babysitter Resources

    Where do a find a mature and repsonsible sitter for my son so that I can actually go out in the evenings or stay out late on the weekends. Are there any websites, suggestions, anything...before I GO CRAZY!


    edited to add: Since I am a single parent I would need someone who had their own transportation in the evenings as once I get home and Jacob is in bed I Would have to stay there with him!
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    or you could post an ad on the UWO site looking for a sitter...

    or ask at OP, one of the college students they've had in the past might be interested in sitting, maybe Nikki or Kim? Just a thought...good luck finding someone

    Just had a thought...if there are others who might be interested in using Canadian as well maybe you could split the registration cost ($39.95)? Set up one account, but all have access to it? Not sure if that could work or not...
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    I've pm'd you!!

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    Ask coworkers, neighbours, friends... who do they use? Someone somewhere has a teen girl looking for some cash. If my sitter needs to get home (we don't drive), I'll include cabfare in the cost of the night out to get her home. If I can't afford to pay her, cab her home and go out, we wait for another time.

    Or see about setting up a babysitting exchange with another parent/family. Before we moved I had an agreement to share watching my kids/her kids for free; whenever was needed and convenient for both parties. It worked out really well! Too bad we moved...

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