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    Default Two T4s from the SAME job?

    Hey there,

    I received two T4 slips from my SAME job. One was for a small amount of under 1000, the rest for my normal income. I'm assuming it was while I had a TEMPORARY license (small one) then when I had my FULL license.

    Question? Do I have to put into two slots for T4s? I believe the more T4s you have, can have an affect on your return.... That true? It's the SAME employer too!

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    Multiple T4's from the same place do happen - usually when it's a larger organization and/or different departments or employee classifications.

    You need to include both since they together represent your income from this job. Just add them together and include them on the same line. Don't forget to add together the CPP/EI and taxes withheld as well as union dues etc (if indicated on the T4). If you're using a software program, they often have multiple sheets for each T4 / T5 / T3 etc.

    Having more than one T4 does affect your return but only because your return is based on your TOTAL income less your TOTAL deductions. Lots of people work at more than one place in a year so it's not unusual to have more than 1 T4.

    Hope this helps.

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