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    Default School days Journal

    When I was in school(many moons ago)my mom kept for me a journal book.
    Each grade had a couple of pages dedicated to it where you filled in the blanks school,teacher, ht,wt,friends,etc also there was a spot for pics and sleeves to put that precious art work and report cards.
    Has anyone seen one around? and where.

    I do not want to"scrapbook" as I already do so and am looking for the easy way out for this version
    Thanks Alot

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    Too funny! I've just seen something almost exactly as you describe in the Scholastic flyer that got sent home this week!

    The description reads:

    Capture the Moments School Memories Keepsake Album preschool to grade 6

    Start it today - treasure it forever! Each grade has its own special section for photos, memories, fill-ins and more! Includes 73 colorful stickers! Only 9.99!
    This is the stuff on the sample pages they are showing:

    My school, my teacher, height, weight, my best friends, favourite song, favourite school subject, the best thing that happened this year at school was, how I write my name

    First grade
    My school, my teacher, height, weight, my best friends, favourite hero, favourite holiday, favourite colour, favourite sport to play, how I write my name

    There's a place on each page for a photo and each page looks like it is a pocket so you could keep the artwork in there too (as long as it wasn't too big). I was thinking of getting them too!

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    I've seen something like this at Costco. It was a while ago that I saw it though, not sure if they have them still. They were in the book section.

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    I found mine at Scholars Choice - its great! On the front you can keep every picture from K to grade 8 and inside there are pockets for keepsakes and a place to put teacher, interests, etc.

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    I bought one at Cole's last year.
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