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    Default Food/Sleep schedule for 9 month-olds

    We are having some real issues trying to figure out a schedule for our twin daughters. They are 9 months old and still basically demand feeding and napping whenever they are tired (sometimes for only 10 or 20 mins) but they do usually sleep 8-10 hours at night. They will be going to daycare/babysitter in just over a month and need to be on a schedule by then. We are currently only feeding them solids (baby food and Cheerios) at supper-time and they are getting 7 oz bottles of formula 4-5 times per day.

    I guess I am looking for examples of schedules used by other moms for eating and napping that we can use as a guideline. The Health Unit pamphlet "Feeding your Baby" is helpful and they have a daily feeding guideline but it just lists solids and doesn't mention how much formula they should be getting and when.

    I would also like any suggestions anyone may have for getting them to go to sleep. Once they are asleep, they will (usually) go through the night but they need to be rocked or held to get them to fall asleep. And sometimes its quite a battle involving a lot of crying, kicking and screaming before they calm down and fall asleep. Again, when they are at a babysitters, they will need to know how to fall asleep on their own for naps.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions, I'm starting to feel pretty anxious about this, leaving them with a babysitter is going to be stressful enough without worrying about them crying all the time because the sitter simple won't have the time to rock them to sleep for 10 mins or be able to read their sleepy or hungry cues.

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    My daughter turns 9 months tomorrow, so I will give you our schedule. It has worked well for us, but it might not be for everyone.

    7am - wake up
    7:30 breakfast - 3tbsp cereal, 2-3tbsp of fruit
    8:30 - 8oz bottle
    9:00 - 10:00 nap
    12:00 - lunch - 4tbsp vegetable, 3tbsp fruit
    12:45 - 8oz bottle
    1:15 - 2:30ish - nap
    5:15 - 4tbsp vegetable, 4tbsp cereal
    7:30 - bath or walk
    8:30 - 8oz bottle (this one is always warmer than others)
    9:00 - bed (and she rarely gets up between 9pm and 7am)

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    My DS is 8 months old.
    Here is his typical schedule:
    7am - wake up, nurse
    7:30 - breakfast: 5 tbsp. cereal and 1-2 cubes of fruit (one cube is about 2 tbsp.)
    10:00-11:30 - nap
    11:30 - 6-8 oz. formula
    12:00 - lunch: 3 cubes veg/meat and 1-2 cubes of fruit
    2:00-3:30 - nap
    4:30 - 6-8 oz. formula
    6:00 - dinner: 3 cubes veg/meat and 1-2 cubes of fruit mixed with yogurt
    6:45 - bath
    7:00 - nurse and bed

    He will occasionally wake about 5am and nurse then as well.

    Owen goes to bed awake and falls asleep on his own. He has been doing this since about 4 months. I would recommend reading "The No Cry Sleep Solution" for tips on getting your twins to sleep on their own. I used it with both my boys and they were/are excellent sleepers.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
    Mom to 3 boys (9, 7 and 4) &
    our little girl (born Dec 2013)

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    My DS turned 9 mths on the 6th

    Here is his schedule...

    7-7:30 - wake up & 6 oz bottle
    9:00 - breakfast, cereal & 2 cubes of fruit, a small handful of cherrios or puffed wheat
    10-10:30 - nap time usually 1-1 1/2 hours
    6 oz bottle when he gets up
    12:00 - lunch, 2 cubes of veggies, 1 cube fruit or small pieces banana shredded apple, ww toast
    2:30 - 6oz bottle
    3:00 - nap time usually 1-11/2 hours
    5:00 - dinner time 2 cubes veggies, 1 cube of meat, 2 cubes of fruit and little pieces of our dinner
    6:30 - try another bottle usually he will take 3oz
    7:00 - bath or walk
    8:00 - 6 oz bottle then bedtime

    Unfortunately Connor is up somewhere between 3 & 5 for another 6 oz bottle and right back to sleep. We would love to stop this bottle and are open to anyones suggestions

    Connor goes to bed awake and will fall asleep by himself at bedtime and nap time.

    Hope this helps.

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    Thanks so much ladies, having your schedules will really help us come up with our own for our girls. We've also just found a babysitter for them in Oct, so we will be working towards a schedule that will match her daily routines.

    I think I will make a trip into Chapters soon to see if they have the No Cry Sleep Solution, I've seen it recommended on here a few times so it must be a really good method. With twins it is so much harder, it's almost impossible to be consistant with them and I think that is one of the most important aspects.

    Thanks again

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