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    Default What to pack for the hospital?

    More list making!

    I'll be going to St. Joe's.

    What should the baby bag contain? Did you pack any receiving blankets? Should I pack more than the 2 outfits I'm planning (one newborn, one 0-3)? Diapers, wipes, a hat...that's all I can think of.

    What should I pack for myself? Did you take your own pillow?


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    I packed blankets for her car seat while going home. Depending on the size of your baby you may need some to roll in the car seat for support.

    I brought 2 outfits and neither fit. My SIL went out to Walmart and picked me up a preemie sleeper

    I brought newborn diapers, but alas - they also didn't fit. St. Joe's was great and brought me a bag from the NICU that I brought home with me. I know in 2007, St Joe's provided size 1 swaddlers for your hospital stay. I brought wipes and just used the washcloths provided by St. Joes.

    I took my own pillow which was nice since I was there for a couple days. I'd also pack toiletries, your own towel, shampoo, tooth paste, etc... If you're feeling daring and don't mind doing laundry - PJs, slippers and a robe.

    I might bring a book/magazines, or if you have a quiet hobby - bring that along too. After a day, I had my husband bring me some yarn and knitting needles as I was going batty. Bring sure to bring a couple pens as there's a bit of paperwork to fill out too.

    Oh oh, just wanted to add - in case you stay longer then 24 hours, a couple nursing bras and pads are nice if your planning on breastfeeding. I was sure glad I had those on day 2.
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    It varies place to place, but when I had dd in MET (Windsor) we were not allowed to use head huggers, but did have to have about six receiving blankets to roll tightly to tuck in around her in her carseat, before we could leave with her.
    I also used a lot of my own blankets with the babies.

    You will want a few small nighties or sleepers for baby, maybe a going home outfit if you're so inclined for baby.
    Notepad to jot down memories or thoughts as they come, to journal later
    Snack foods for s/o if applicable, in case it takes a while.
    Some cash/change for phone calls, food, etc in case you have guests or anyone.
    I brought diapers and stuff but you don't have to usually - I did just in case they'd changed stuff since the last time (DS was born in ST.T anyway and dd in Windsor so I figured it might differ).
    You'll want something t owear around the hospital, like sturdy slippers, but I always used fake crocs for in teh shower. Not very slippery, but easier to walk in than flip flops and easier to find!
    Pj's or something comfy for after, and your going home clothes.
    That's all I can think of.
    OH your own pillow/s.
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    What I plan to pack:
    -Pajamas, housecoat, socks, underwear & slippers
    -Change of clothing
    -toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, hairbrush, makeup, razor...)
    -Going home outfit for baby (DH brought the car seat and blankets later)
    -snack food
    -heavy duty pads
    -camera (& video)

    I can't think of anything more I would have needed really.
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    for the baby:
    - going home outfit (newborn)
    - diapers/wipes
    - extra recieving blankets for the way home
    - car seat cover

    for me:
    - pjs, underwear, socks, slippers
    - two changes of clothes (which was good because I ended up staying longer than expected)
    - snacks for after labour
    - a bit of money
    - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, deoderant, hairbrush, lots of ponytail holders
    - CHAPSTICK! my lips were so dry, i'm glad my sister suggested this
    - nursing bras, nursing pads
    - really heavy duty pads as PP suggested
    - books
    - camera

    you don't need a hat, they give every baby one. i didn't bring my own pillow but i don't have a pillow attachment as most people do.
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    St. Joes provides diapers, so you dont need those, you may want wipes, and they only give you wash cloths to use for diaper changes. I brought a few carter's gowns for baby to wear in hospital, and then an outfit to wear home, a few baby hats, baby book, aznd blankets for baby.

    For myself i brought pyjammas, robe, slippers, comfy outfit to wear home, nursing bra, nursing pads, nipple cream, underwear, camera, magazines, hand lotion, lip balm, shampoo, conditioner,tooth brush, tooth paste, hair brush, and hair elastics
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