THE BELLY SLING- This a unique and well constructed maternity support to provide comfort and support for mother and baby during pregnancy. The Belly Sling maternity support is ideal to:
-reduce groin pain during pregnancy

-ease sciatic pain during pregnancy

-minimize stretch marks

-decrease varicose veins and hemorrhoids

-relieve back pain

-improve posture and balance

*******Anatomically lift baby ( and stress) off the bladder and potentially reduce or minimize bladder and urination concerns in the future.
This product is lightweight, comfortable and washable. The Belly Sling comes in 7 different sizes, however you only need ONE size throughout pregnancy, as it is measured against your skeletal frame and is designed to sit under the growing belly. It also comes with a pamper pack. This is a small hot/cold pack designed to fit into a special pocket in the back of The Belly Sling maternity support. Just pop it into the specially designed pocket and enjoy the comfort. Dr. Laura fully supports and utilizes this belt exclusively during her 2nd pregnancy when different symptoms appeared and she struggled with. For the month of February SALE for the first 5 interested customers. $5.00 OFF regular price. Ask Dr. Laura for more info and to accurately measure for size.

The Align-a-Spine- This is a postural support device . Made of sturdy nylon material and Velcro designed to lift and support abdominal muscles, while creating support for the lumbar structures. This product supports proper posture and allows for freedom of movement during physical activity. This product comes in 7 sizes and measured against your skeletal frame. February Sale for the first 5 interested customers. $5.00 OFF regular price. Ask Dr. Laura for more information and to accurately measure for size.