The teacher/care provider is Sylvia Ruth, and she usually takes about 4 (or maybe 5?) kids, between the ages of 3 and 6. Her house is converted to a little schoolhouse, with really wonderful Montessori-esque/Scholar's Choice type toys. They have a regular routine including circle time, outside play in the backyard, snack, lunch, crafts, and learning (letters, numbers, etc. depending on the children's age and interests).

Sylvia is really gentle with the kids and has endless patience. She loves the kids and her work and you can really tell. She mentioned this morning that she has a space and asked if I know anybody, so I thought I'd put a plug on here.

It is mornings, drop off is between 8:30-9, and I pick up at 12:30 - I think you could also pick up at 11:30ish, so before lunch, or she can drop kids off or to local schools for kindergarten around or just after 1pm. She is located in Old South. Maya went all last year, and is back this year and loving it. She cried when I came to pick her up yesterday because she didn't want to leave! LOL And she is a really shy, mama-clingy kid, so that is saying something.

Sylvia's contact # is 519 434 2599.