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    Default Accupuncture to induce labour

    I'm almost 40 weeks and I definitely don't want another medical induction (we are planning a homebirth), and I booked an accupuncture appointment for Tuesday with Dr. Reina Persuad. Today the m/w said I'm 1-2 cm and baby is still fairly high up. I know that a number of moms here have had great success with accupuncture treatments to induce labour... would you mind sharing when you had it done (how far past your due date, that is), and what you were measuring prior to having it done? I asked my m/w about it and she's totally supportive, but she said that I may require a few sessions since I'm just 1-2 cm. Also, I have never been to one before- what can I expect? How far after the treatment did you go into labour? Did anyone have to have more than 1 treatment? I'd absolutely LOVE it if it works and I go into labour Tue/Wed/Thurs!

    Many, many thanks!

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    I believe aidensmom did it with her last? Maybe try PM'ing her.

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    I did have accupuncture with Dr. Persaud with my last baby (the baby before was a medical induction and this baby was to be a homebirth, same situation as you!).

    I had accupuncture originally a week or so before my due date with another naturopath. I didn't feel like she was very knowledgeable and also didn't find it very comfortable so on my doula's recommendation I went to Reina when I was 4 days over my due date and went into labour that night. I think I left her office around noon and by 2 or 3 in the afternoon I had contractions starting, figured they were for real and not just bx by about 5 or 6 and she was born at 2:59am.

    I technically had two sessions, but I don't think the first did anything since I don't feel like she really knew her stuff when it came to accupuncture.

    Unfortunately I can't tell you how dialated I was since my mw hadn't done an internal. We met pretty much on my due date but neither of us expected me to go then anyways so we held off. Actually made appointments for stress tests and u/s during the overdue period since I was bound not to be induced (she would have broken my water first then pitocin, but really didn't want my water broken since it really helps keep the contractions bearable for me).

    I also drank lots of red raspberry tea, and had some naturopath medicines to take once contractions started to help them keep going.

    One thing I didn't have was one that helps reduce nausea. Ask Dr. Persaud for that, you'll find or at least I did that I got really nauseaus during transition.

    Hope that helps and good luck, make sure to tell us how you are doing! Oh and once I felt contractions starting and realized they were real I kept myself pre-occupied. Moving wood, taking care of the kids, going for a walk with my doulas. Distraction is great!!
    Mommy to three adorable kids!

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