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    Default My ds is in a contest!

    I have entered my 4 year old son into a contest on He had a lot of fun with his grammie and poppa, this is one of those not so great moments, but makes me laugh pretty hard! At click on the lefthand side of the page for photofinishing and then look for the Today's Parent contest link. You have to have a free futureshop account to vote. He is on page 5 at this moment and its a pic of him fishing with his poppa. I called him that night to chat and he told me that he went fishing. His comments to me where" I went fishing and guess what I caught mom...seaweed, seaweed and more seaweed!!!" If we win, I get a new digital camera to take pics of my kids and my 4 year old gets our old camera since he LOVES taking pictures. Thanks!!!
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    Good for you! Let us know if he wins.

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