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    Default Stratford Career Institute

    I got an enrollement form in the mail the other day (even though I didn't request one) but it got me thinking. I like the idea of distance education and the price is good considering all your books are included. My main concern is if I finish a course is it really going to help get me a job in that particular field?
    I'm just a little leary....has anyone had any experience with this type of thing, or know of any other schools that offer the same type of thing?

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    I don't know anything about the one you're talking about, but offers distance education courses online. Basically a bunch of colleges in Ontario have teamed up to make this website. Each course is hosted by a different college, and you can do as many or as few as you like at once. I figure it would be more credible because it's hosted by regular colleges so it would be more likely to work out for you. I would be very skeptical of this new place, especially if they've sent you this form that you didn't request. Sounds suspicious. I've heard stories about private colleges or training places (like CDI) and wouldn't go for one myself. It seems to me like distance ed is a pretty unreliable thing - after all the work you do and money you pay for it, many employers don't consider it real training.

    You can also take university courses online. I've found that Lakehead's looks really good (though I can't tell you from experience) and when you graduate, you have a degree from that school, not a distance ed degree if that makes sense, so it would be taken more seriously. Athabasca U offers online courses too. I'm taking them right now because I find them so flexible, and that's what I need right now. Lakehead's don't look as flexible. But, because AU is a distance ed university, its credibility among employers and other schools aren't as good. Many universities won't consider it a degree and won't let you transfer credits. Some of the smaller universities will, though, like Lakehead and Laurentian. I'm hoping to transfer my credits at some point to Lakehead, so that I can take their distance courses when DD's older and I need less flexibility, and so that when I graduate I'll do so with a degree from Lakehead, which is much more useful.

    Wow, I babbled. HTH though!

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    DH sent them a request for some information once and was seriously considering it. Eventually he decided not to go for it. The main reason was this. He was hopeing to go through for some cooking course. So he e-mailed them basically asking if this couse was considered a degree for job application. (You know when you apply for something and it says college certificate required or something like that). His response was less than encouraging. They basically said "It is what you do with the education that matters. Many people have taken this program and used the education for their betterment. Employers want to see you do something with what you have learned". While we didn't disagree with them, you sort of need to have the degree for them to consider looking at what you did with the skills. So we took their response as basically this program is an interest thing and means nothing in the real world.

    We got a lot of information about it from Yahoo Answers though; you could try there. Also even after he didn't send it in they kept offering tuition scholarships of increasing amounts uitl we moved and didn't give them our new address. They we pathetic offers too! $25, $50, 75$, 100$, $150, $200. I mean seriously if we didn't send it back your $25 offer isn't going to make us change our mind! "Oh thank you so much for sending e this tuition reduction. I really wanted to come but just couldn't seem to come up with an extra $25" Really now!
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