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    Default Looking for Advice on a garage door opener

    So, I;m wanting to have a garage door opener installed, have called a couple places from the phone book and am getting conflicting advice about the type to get...
    The only thing I know for sure is I want to have keyless entry..its for a large double door.
    So is belt drive or chain better..what;s your opinion. Also if anyone has a recommendation for a company or handy man that would be great too...thanks

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    Not sure what ours is. I would have to check. We have a 1.5 car garage door that was recently replaced. It has keyless entry which is a great feature when you forget your keys and the front door is locked or you have the car running outside and don't want to turn it off. We used Carwall. We also got a door with little windows which is good for letting some light into the garage during the day.

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    Hey Hailey's mom... If you've got a heavy door, stick with chain, it's more dependable than a belt.

    IMO, I'd stick with the chain driven mechanism... if you ever get ice buildup or replace the door for a heavier door, you won't have to worry about the belt snapping under the weight.

    As for installation, I haven't had it done before (I do have one, inherited with our home (chain driven by the by)) but just ensure that the people you select are insured and they back their work. Ask them for quotes with details on the unit they intend to install...

    You can also buy a unit (sears, homedepot etc) and tell them to install it... That way they can keep their opinions to themselves...

    Good luck!

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