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Thread: Child Support..

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    But won't the children know her as “aunt“, how would you explain all that?

    My BFF found out that one of the kids in her DD's grade one class, belongs to her DD's dad. He was born 3 months before her DD!! She never knew, and just happened to meet the mom and ask if they have any relatives here in town, cause her DD's last name was the same as this girl's son!!

    They told the kids they are cousins, and the other girl told my BFF about the other 8 kids this guy has, he now lives in BC with someone new, and she just had his baby too!!

    I joke and say “S needs to ask anyone she dates if their mom dated a guy named Tim!!“

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colleen View Post
    I wish work was like that! Everyone give me your paycheque, then I'll decide who gets what. lol

    I second that! I want to be the one in charge of dividing it up! BAHAHAHAHA

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    Thats not how it works, If she has any questions don't ask a lawyer, have her call this number 1-888-815-2757 It's the number from Family Responsibilities office. They will take the money he owes HER from him and put it in her bank account. They are great and very helpful.

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