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    Default Your favourite/most memorable ______ of 2009 was...

    TV show.
    Pop culture moment.
    News story.
    Personal moment.

    What was your greatest lesson learned?

    Was it a good year?

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    Song.- YouTube - Wilco @ Lollapalooza - "One Wing"

    Movie.- Honestly, so many great movies this year (precious, Where the Wild things are, Crazy Heart, to name a few), but I gotta go with 500 Days of Summer.
    TV show.- GLEE
    Celebrity.-Joseph Gordan Levitt/Zooey Deschenal
    Meal.- Almond Crusted Chicken at Wildcraft
    Trip.- Renting a cabin at Bingemans in May, so quiet and beautiful, our first camping trip as a family.
    Book.- The Girl She Used To Be- David Cristofano
    Pop culture moment. - Stephen King Insults Twilight, Stephenie Meyer's Writing -
    News story.-Tori Stafford going missing
    Personal moment.- Waverly telling me she wanted to grow up to be just like me, b/c I am always happy. Still tear up, it was so random , yet soooo special to hear.

    ETA: Greatest Lesson Learned: That I need to let go of the guilt that goes along with our fertility issues.
    Was it a good year: Yes. Despite the fertility issues, it was for sure a GOOD year. It was my first year of marraige, my 4th (almost 5th) year with DH, my 4th year as W's mamma, It was a GREAT year. Financially things turned around for us this year, we have been able to live more, ie: go out to dinners , take small trips, etc etc without financial worry. Its been a remarkable year for us as a family.
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    Feet, why do I need them if I have wings to fly?
    –Frieda Kahlo (1907-1954)

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    Song. Anything Taylor Swift. lol
    Movie. Didn't have one
    TV show. House/Glee/Secret Life of the Amercian Teenager
    Celebrity. Don't have one
    Meal. Anything with pickles.
    Trip. Our only trip- Great Wolf Lodge!
    Book. Havent read one in years
    Pop culture moment. Didn't have one
    News story. Didn't have one
    Personal moment. Having Noah's Dr call me and give me his scope results.

    What was your greatest lesson learned?
    Always trust my mama instincts. They haven't led me wrong, ever. I highly doubt they will start now!

    Was it a good year?
    I wouldn't say it was a GOOD year. It was a year. It was definately better than 2008 in alot of areas. It still had a lot of challenges though. I'm hoping 2010 will be the fantastic year I've been waiting for.

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    I dont really have any specific favs...

    With the exception of watching DD grow, 2009 was one the worst and hardest of my life. The greatest lesson I learned is that I can survive anything and DH and I will make it through together.

    I learned that I love LM's.... became addicted in 2009
    and look forward to meeting more of you IRL.
    *~* The point isn't whether they lived happily ever after, the point is that they lived*~

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    Song: Don't laugh - YouTube - Drake - Best I Ever Had w/ Lyrics
    The Drake hook is terrific, but this song is pretty great, too:
    TV show: LOST season 5.
    Celebrity:Big ups to Conan, taking over the Tonight Show.
    Meal: Allen's on the Danforth in TO.
    Trip: Weekend in TO with DH over the hottest weekend of the summer.
    Book: Jeanette Walls, Half-Broke Horses.
    Pop culture moment:
    News story: Who can forget the death of MJ?
    Personal moment: Receiving permanent residency in Ontario.

    What was your greatest lesson learned?

    “Grace is what God gives us when we don't deserve and mercy is when God doesn't give us what we do deserve.”

    Was it a good year?

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    Song: Its a late entry but probably Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. Been stuck in my head from the moment it was released.
    Movie: Zombieworld - funniest movie I've seen in a couple of years.
    TV show: Battle of the Blades. My mom and I were hopelessly addicted to it.
    Celebrity: Kanye West. Seems he took over everything this year. *INSERT KANYE* “WAIT WAIT, IMA LET YOU FINISH, BUT I GOTTA SAY MICHAEL JACKSON WAS THE MOST MEMORABLE CELEBRITY EVER!“ Love that you can now say you got “Kanye'd“ and people will know what you mean.
    Meal: Norbert's Nosh at Sebastion's Market on Richmond Street by the University. I curse you Ashley for introducing me to such a yummy sandwich!
    Trip: Cottage Vacation
    Book: the Hot Zone series by Carly Phillips.
    Pop culture moment: see “celebrity“ answer.
    News story: John & Kate Gosselin's Divorce. You couldn't get away from them in the news and tabloids this year.
    Personal moment: too many. all probably involving watching my baby grow and discover the world.

    What was your greatest lesson learned? Parenthood is the single most rewarding experience in life. Ironically, its also the single most frustrating!
    Was it a good year? Definitely. Yes!
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    Song. [COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]I don't know if it's new but DH and I really like that song “God is good, beers is great, people are crazy!“ or whatever it's called. We both got hooked by the station at work lol.[/COLOR]

    Movie. [COLOR=“royalblue“]Was Juno this year? If not, then hmm....We both laugh and laugh at Superbad. Is that this year? And if not, hmmm. Not sure I saw any new movies this year then. [/COLOR]
    TV show. [COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]DEXTER! Just discovered it near season end and also we like The Office.[/COLOR]
    Celebrity.[COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]Um. Uh. Does Hecate count? Turtle maybe? Um. Not sure. Maybe the LOLCats [/COLOR]
    Meal.[COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]Today I tried crepes, made be a real French person LMAO. It was sooo good [/COLOR]
    Trip.[COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]Trips home.[/COLOR]
    Book.[COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]I discoverd Bevery Lewis, who writes terribly religious BUT very easy-to-get-into books about Amish people. Just good reads for at work on break. Also I found out John Irving has a new one out I really need to read. [/COLOR]
    Pop culture moment.[COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]Not sure any registered on my radar of life.[/COLOR]
    News story.[COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]I was really hoping Tori would come home safely. [/COLOR]
    Personal moment.[COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]Hmm. Probably floating out in the lake at the Shoals, listening to my kids and dh play. (I couldn't see them lol no glasses on). [/COLOR]

    What was your greatest lesson learned? [COLOR=“Red“]We should not have moved here.[/COLOR]

    Was it a good year? [COLOR=“RoyalBlue“]I spent it with my kids and husband, so yes. Not productive, financially secure, ideal, etc but good in that I was with them so that is worth a lot![/COLOR]

    oops sorry bout the stupid colour codes not working.
    DD1 age 7 DS age 11
    "I will remember you." July/10
    Baby Elaina born October 28th, 2011. Making every single day that much more special.
    INTERESTED IN BUYING DVDS OF OLD KIDS' SHOWS. Mr.Rogers', Mr.Dressup, Polka Dot Door, etc

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    Song. - Kings of Leon/Use Somebody
    Movie. - NEW MOON!!!
    TV show. - Vampire Diaries!!
    Celebrity. - Keeping with the theme Rob Pattinson
    Meal. - Seafood Pad Thai
    Trip. - Birch Run... WAAAAAHHHH
    Book. - Twilight Books and Maximum Ride!
    Pop culture moment. - MJ death.. (like memorable, not fav)
    News story. - hm MJ? oops
    Personal moment. Sophia my baby's birth!
    What was your greatest lesson learned? Try to have a home birth! Oxytocin = Epidural

    Was it a good year? GREATEST!!

    "The past is history, the future a mystery but today is a gift. That's why they call it the present."

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    Song...Not released in 2009, but had a special meaning to me this year: YouTube - Resurrection - Nicol Sponberg
    Meal...Thanksgiving dinner that I made.
    Book...The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren, or Take This Bread by Sara Miles.
    Pop culture moment...Rihanna and Chris Brown. Exclusive: Rihanna Speaks Out - ABC News
    News story...Tori Stafford

    What was your greatest lesson learned? That the people I judge often have the most to teach me.

    Was it a good year? Absolutely.

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    Song: Love Story by Taylor Swift or Halo by Beyonce

    Movie. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

    TV show. So you think you can dance Canada

    Celebrity. Ellen Degeneres as always.

    Meal. Dinner out with DH, our first date since baby was born, to Aroma restaurant where I had the most delicious steak OF MY LIFE.

    Trip. Our only family trip this year was Mexico in January. DD1 got an ear infection, DS was only 2 months old, and it farking rained all week. Pretty damn memorable. I travelled solo with baby to Saskatoon though which was fun.

    Book. Didn't read a ton this year, but really enjoyed discovering some new authors I like for light reading, such as Meg Cabot and Susan Elizabeth Phillips.

    Pop culture moment. Maybe the Kanye incident.

    News story. Obama's inauguration.

    Personal moment. Withdrawing DD from school to homeschool. It was a huge decision that was a long time in the making. I felt so nauseous that day.

    What was your greatest lesson learned? Trust my daughter, she is leading me towards understanding.

    Was it a good year? Yes. In many ways we had hardships but emotionally I feel stronger and more connected to my kids and life.

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    Song. Toss up between taylor swift and black eyed peas, any song from either
    Movie. hmm cant say i watched any, other then kids ones
    TV show. Greys anatomy
    Celebrity. Taylor Swift
    Meal. Normally Pizza, but this year Chilis in Florida
    Trip. Disneyworld in August...cant wait to go back
    Book. Chicken Soup for the Mothers soul
    Pop culture moment. Cant think of one
    News story. Another Tori Stafford answer
    Personal moment. Seeing the joy in Noahs eyes seeing the castle at disney, just like in all the start of movies Seeing his excitment.

    What was your greatest lesson learned?
    To watch your mouth when ds is around. Thankfully it hasnt sticked in his vocabulary

    Was it a good year?
    Overall i would say it is. Looking forward to a great 2010. Have a lot of things i want to work on and look forward to it

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    Song. - I love the song “Come on Get Higher“
    Movie. Transformers 2. I am a dork... lol
    TV show. Grey's Anatomy
    Meal. - Estonian Potato Salad, but that has never changed... lol
    Trip. Punta Cana in Jan
    Personal moment - Finding out that everything was OK with this pregnancy.

    What was your greatest lesson learned?
    I learned that the only thing that you need is your family. They are the ones that are there through all your ups and downs. I have always known this, but this year has really solidified it!

    Was it a good year?
    I think this year has been the best and worst year. We lost a baby after TTC for 4 years, and then were blessed and got pregnant again.

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    Song. Harry Manx's version of “I'm on Fire“
    Movie. Slum Dog Millionaire/Milk/The Reader (more 2008 but still)
    TV show. So You Think You Can Dance
    Celebrity. Obama
    Meal. A family meal we had at Ichiban Sushi. YUM!!
    Trip. Our Family Trip to Costa Rica was really special. Got to spend time with DH's side of the family and learned that my kids are awesome travelers and can pretty much go anywhere.
    Book. The Book of Negroes - a great read and it also won CBC's Canada Reads contest which I love.
    Pop culture moment. - Definitely MJ's death
    News story. Probably H1N1
    Personal moment. Picking up running again after a 5 year break and remembering how much I love it, how it feels to be free and just flow. And making the commitment to be a lifetime runner.

    Also making a personal decision that is still under wraps As well, having some really good stuff come our way from some decisions and work we did years ago that at the time was painful and transformative in our marriage, but reaped huge rewards for us both personally and work wise this year.

    What was your greatest lesson learned? Once again to trust my instincts, to follow my passions and to let go of what I think I should be doing to allow what I want and need to be doing to rise up.

    Was it a good year?
    It was a fantastic year. Our family moved even further into a life of just 4 people enjoying each other and living our lives together. We have a lot more security and stability to be able to follow our passions and contribute to the world around us. So much fun and love in our lives through family, friends and the connections we make through our work. Definitely a really good year.
    Mom of 2 girls, unschooler, feminist, runner and just general lover of life.

    Need a doula or prenatal classes?

    "Me thinks that the moment my legs began to move, my thoughts began to flow."
    - Henry David Thoreau

    Children are not our own art products to be turned out well, but their own life work in continual process.” -Jan Fortune Wood"

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    Song. “Need You Now“ by Lady Antebellum

    Movie. The Hangover

    TV show. gLee or 90210

    Celebrity. Obama

    Meal. The caeser salad I had at Masonville Mall just hours before giving birth to our son

    Trip. we didn't go any trips in 2009 - but we are going away in 2010, something to look forward to

    Book. As of right now, it's Fancy Nancy with my daughter.

    Pop culture moment. Michael Jackson's death and rumors that surrounded it.

    News story. Definately not a favourite, but a memorable one would be the Victoria Stafford abduction, murder and capture of the people responsible

    Personal moment. Birth of our son

    What was your greatest lesson learned? having two children is a lot different than having one, and there needs to be some special attention spent on the older one so there isn't the jealousy of the new baby.

    Everything that I ever dreamed of having is right beside me. Don't forget about the dreams of the past, it's good to have future dreams, but not to forget about what you always wanted.

    Was it a good year? It was a great year.

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    2009 was the first of many heart healthy years for us! not one ovenight admission to sick kids this year! What a milestone!

    Song.-sweet dreams-beyonce. it still gives me chills!
    Movie.--not favorite but most memorable is paranormal activity. favorite is the hangover
    TV show.--I found out about True Blood this year!
    Celebrity.--Lady Gaga
    Meal.--epicure cheese dip I learned to make.... Yummy!
    Trip.--Two weeks staying with may parents with nothing to do everyday
    Book.--Good Calories Bad calories.
    Pop culture moment.--the premier of Glee...
    News story.--no clue really! When Lillian at sick kids finally got her heart!
    Personal moment--Yale's first birthday then followed by discharge after his heart transplant!
    Yale 4yr old
    Kane 1yr old
    and baby makes 3!!! Errr... 4!

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