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    Default sewing

    does anyone sew?
    do you take much?

    i use to like forever ago...
    and i really need to sharpen my skills...
    i know fabricland does but do you know of anyone else??

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    I believe I saw some in Spectrum.

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    I suggest calling Jill Williams and asking her. I took a class from her to sharpen up my skills, and I was amazed how much of the basics I either didn't know, or had forgotten over the years. Her number is 519-455-3624. You can tell her I gave you her number
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    Red face

    My MIL is coming back from the summer at Sauble in about a month or so.......she's a retired mom and professional seamstress. She said she wanted to work from home this year. The pics I've got up of my girls shows Vicky in a prom dress that she custom made for her and the fairy costumes on the twins are also her using her skills again. She's made Irish costumes and can make pretty much anything with any fabric. I should ask her if she'd like to do some private tutoring. She has taught before, took an extensive home ec course. I can sew and I now have 2 huge machines that fold out, and I'm waiting for myself and Vicky to continue our training.
    Would you be interested in private tutoring on sewing?? Let me know!

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