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    Default Big Exam Tomorrow

    Yikes, I have a final exam tomorrow for one of my required English courses. I don't like this course, or the material and I'm finding it hard to retain the info. I'm going into it with an okay mark - 78% but for me, that's really, really bad.

    Gah. I hate sonnets. I am also no fan of romatic-epics, actually I think I hate everything from about 1500-1690CE. I'm struggling with this.

    If you could think a few good thoughts for me, I'd really appreciate it!

    Better go review Morte Darthur and The Faerie Queene along with Ralegh, Wyatt and Sidney...

    Oh, and safe driving home vibes wouldn't go amiss either. The exam starts at 7:30 PM tomorrow night, in Waterloo and I'll be driving home in the 10:30-midnight time frame. And I hate highway driving. Especially in winter. And at night. Thanks!

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    Good Luck tomorrow Kim! I am awful with English, I hated it in highschool. Shakespeare et al and I do not get along.

    I have my huge exam for the course that I hate tomorrow aswell. Mine is in Strategic Business Planning (boooooooring). If I fail this final, I risk failing the course.

    Just think, after tomorrow it will be over! Good Luck.

    Heres hoping the roads are clear all day (mine starts at 8am ).

    Jake &Tate

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    Good luck!!!

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    Good Luck! I bet you'll do fine. I'm an english major and I'm not crazy about the same time period. LOL I love sonnets sure to know the 2 basic frameworks and you'll figure out what to say with any they throw at you.
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    good luck!
    mama to 3

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    Good Luck tomorrow!!

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    Good luck!

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