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    Talking Dreamcatcher Photography

    We went for family photos today and I just wanted to post that although we don't have any proofs to look at yet, the experience itself was FANTASTIC! I am so excited to see all the photos.

    We had been going to Superstore for DS' pictures (in St. Thomas), but they were very rushed (20 minutes including choosing your photos!?), and the last few times we went, not overly toddler friendly. The one girl was extremely frustrated that DS - who was 2 at the time - would not just sit and pose.

    Anyway, the experience at Dreamcatcher was so great!! They made us feel right at home, it was so relaxed and I loved that although the portraits were somewhat posed, they weren't very rigid. There was none of that "Turn your head 3 degrees to the left, now FREEZE" stuff going on - LOL!

    I had started a thread a while back asking about peoples' experiences there, so thanks for sharing. I think we've got some great photos coming our way!

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    we go there for our pics and have always had a great expeirence! glad you were your pics soon!
    Mommy to 3 great boys!!

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    glad you were happy! Our plan next year is to use a real photographer too. I am always happy with the superstore but I agree, they are just too rushed.
    mama to 3

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