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    Try putting her in her bed when she is drowsy, but not asleep, then let her fall asleep in it. Eventually, she will figure it out.

    You might need to take some time teaching her the bassinet is a safe place (during the day, not when you are trying to get to sleep for the night). Put her down. If she cries, let her for a few minutes, then pick her up, reassure her, and put her down again. I had to do this continually for about 20-30 mins. the first time. She will eventually figure out she is okay there.

    Did she sleep in the hospital bassinet?

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    Best of luck! I went through the same exasperation until I 'gave in' to co-sleeping. I didn't get the best sleep, but I know we both slept better than we would have otherwise.

    Do you have a crib? Can you put it in your room? I have heard of some mothers getting into the crib and then crawling out when the baby falls asleep. My neighbor did this for the first couple of months and it was pretty hilarious to watch. There's a youtube rolling around with a dad who tries to get out of the crib once his little girl has fallen asleep on him, which is pretty funny. Somewhat similar IRL.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tan5kids View Post
    I haven't read all the previous posts. If you are not sleeping well with her in your bed, try putting her in the bassinet during the daytime, even awake while you do something in the room. Lay her down on a piece of clothing you have worn all day, she will be comforted by your smell.
    sorry, i haven't been able to read through all the replies, but i caught this one and it was the same as what i was going to suggest, lol.

    my son was a really restless sleeper, but he slept better when he was in contact with me; in a wrap, being held, co-sleeping, etc.

    my dd has been largely the same so far as well but not quite to the same degree...she's never like the tight swaddling, whereas DS needed it. she slept really well in a moses basket for the first few months--if i wasnt' wearing her, she was in that basket and i carried it to whatever room i was in. being in the same room with me made a big difference (and still does).

    when i had my son, my friend had a baby about a month later, and her DD did not like to be held or swaddled...i couldn't believe the difference in preferences at such an early age ,lol.

    i wanted to mention that i specifically remember a phase right around the 8 week mark where DD was only catnapping and dh kept saying that she wasn't getting quality sleep. it just seemed to be a temporary stage though---it passed on its own. it was tiring in the meantime though!

    also, my kids are about the same age difference as son is 4.5 and dd is now 10 months. it has taken me awhile to strike a balance b/c she so often preferred to sleep nearby, but that made it difficult for me and ds to do things without waking her up.

    hopefully you'll find the right balance for you guys does take a while though (or did for me)...and in my experience, you can't go wrong if you follow baby's cues

    ETA: i should clarify that even though dd slept in the moses basket, she still slept most often while being held or carried in a wrap, etc. i would still try the basket sometimes, but if she woke up i would just hold her/wear her. i really didnt' try much before the 3 or 4 month mark with either of them, just because they did seem to sleep better being held.
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    Hugs mama. It gets easier.

    Your dd sounds like my ds. When he was wee, did her ever grunt! I had him in my room and I wore ear plugs. I didn't hear him grunt but I could hear him cry out. He stopped grunting around 8-9 weeks old.

    Ds would only nap in his swing until he was 4 months old.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tan5kids View Post
    I was breastfeeding and I had a really hard time putting him into his crib. It felt right for me to hold him and sleep in the same bed as him. He went into his crib easily, because I started using it for cat naps at about 6 weeks on. When I was folding laundry and cleaning my room, I would put him in the crib awake with the mobile on. When he was 6 months old, he started to get restless in our bed and we started putting him in his crib no problem

    hugs and I hope everyone gets some sleep at your house
    that is almost exactly what happened with DD! what a relief. i remember the first time that i was finally ably to lay her down and she popped her thumb in her mouth and rolled over. talk about the silent happy dance!!! she was close to 5 months by then though :P however, my first was never like that, lol.
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