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    Default glass etching

    We own an old house and above the original front door is a pane of glass (that we have had to replace!!). I want to etch the name of the house and the year it was built into the glass. Is that something that I could do myself (I have NEVER done anything like that before) or is it something I should get someone else to do. I thought possibly I could just buy a kit and a stencil from Michael's or some place? But if I need someone else to do it........who?!


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    Etching can be done as a project yourself. I'm sure you can get supplies at a place like Michaels, although it's been years since I've done anything like this so I could be wrong. Back when I did a couple of etching projects I didn't use any stencils but I'm certain you could! I also remember the compound (it's a harsh acid) stunk like HE**

    It would probably cost you a fraction of the cost to do it yourself than get someone to do it for you...that of which I have no idea who you would search for.

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    Etching is incredibly easy to do. I teach a class on it once every 4 months.

    Do you want just the letters etched, or do you want the letters to remain clear and have all of the glass around the letters etched? Just let me know and I can tell you how to do it.
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