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    Default Herniated Disk in Low Back

    I was recently diagnosed with a herniated disk in my low back (had a C/T done). 6wks after i had my dd i put my back out terribly..(i could barely walk) then once it was starting to feel better approx 6wks later i put it out again!! nothing seems to trigger this..i woke up and couldn't get out of bed..i ve seen a chiro for a long time now and i still have a lot of pain in my low back and down my leg to my foot (they told me that its a pinched nerve) but my question is..what can a chiro do for a herniated disc? and will it ever get better?..what are somethings i could do to help with the pain/discomfort and to prevent it from happening again?

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    hello- you bring up a few questions and comments here that are great! Firstly many times when the “ back goes out“ it doesn't seem to be anything or one specific thing at can be frustrating that way. Sometimes there is weakness in a certain area and it becomes more prone to stress and thus is the area that “ goes out“. Sometimes , many times, there are many other factors that can contribute to “ the back going out“, not just physical stress but emotional and chemical as well. The approach and thus explanation of chiropractic I adhere to ( and love) is how the body deals with and processes stressful events in our lives. If this energy is “ stuck“ in the body as tension then our body is not as efficient at processing it through and dealing with the next “ event “ in our lives. If there is previously stored “ potential energy“ in our body in a certain area that has not been facilitated out ,it may continur to contribute to symptoms in certain areas. A chiropractor can do alot for “ herniated discs“, again with my understanding it is all about moving that stored stress ( in different tissues) through the body. This in a sense takes the pressure off the nerve “ the pinching“, allows movement more freely in that area. the thought of other specific kinds of adjustments ( there are over 150 types of chiropractic!) are based on decompression so in a sense “ sucking“ the disc material back in. The form of chiropracitc i utilise is a gentle form which may be seen as energy work to help the body return to its normal state. Herniations can be frustrating i know from personal experience and frustrating. If there is anything i can do to help don't hesitate. I hope that this answer helped....
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    The advice i give is not meant as solicitation from any current chiropractor. Obviously a full exam is warranted to give full and complete diagnosis. The information I give is just meant as a guide

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